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My Own Tangent: Queering the Vikings

Early 20th Century: Still looking for artist-public domain

This blog is late due to many personal and work issues which have made it difficult to focus. As a result, I will not be providing the whole transcript for my recording which is here.

Since I forgot to talk about the Bifrost Bridge as promised in the recording--I mention it here:

The rainbow in Norse Mythology (in the Eddas), was said to be a pathway that existed between the worlds, especially joining the realms of humans (Midgard) with that of the Gods (Asgard). The term 'bifrost' literally means "shaking or quivering/quavering' and could refer to a voice that uttered the words which transcended that boundary, or a communication from another realm which effected the same thing.

So, it's not a steady, reliable path from one place to another, but a way that must be warded, watched, tended.

When Heimdallr sounds his trumpet announcing the beginning of Ragnarok, he's indicating that the sure line of communication between the worlds has been breached, has failed.

Finally, as I also failed to mention in the recording, Freyja is one of only three deities to survive Ragnarok. Given what I do discuss, this makes sense. She is the one who can preserve the underlying original order of the planet, the seer who can guide any who survive, the keeper of the ancestors/dead long before Odin made his claims of choice.

She is connected to the Voice of the planet it/herself.

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