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ICE: Traditions, Magickal and Mystical Practice, Warnings and Premonitions

This offering has been several months in the making and was instigated and inspired by a conversation I had with my spiritual friend, Lailani back in November 2023. Much has transpired since that discussion about the Goddess Hela and what she may be saying to us through the agency of Lailani’s seership.

Not long after our talk, I was contacted by two different individuals who asked me to share, if I was willing, teachings that I had received, and experiences that I have working with ICE as a rune and a “fifth element” in the Northern European tradition.

These three videos emerged out of my conversation with Lailani and those two requests, so this is a very different set of blogs. In it I talk about my own experiences, blended with scholarship, occult and magickal workings, the oral traditions of my first rune teacher speaking from her own traditions as she “channels” Odin and my own understanding and applications of all this information.

The first video deals with definitions, a little bit of occult history, what science and history tell us about the importance of ICE as a terrestrial manifestation, and some ruminations on the geography of the underworld and creation, insofar as all of that is linked with ICE in the northern traditions.

By northern traditions, I am referencing not only Norse, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon sources, but Sami, Finnish, Baltic Sea and Slavic peoples. I provide evidence of congruence linking all of these traditions—since mixing and matching is precisely what the genetic evidence indicates.

The second video deals with some of the traditional entities, creatures and beings that are often associated with ICE, what to expect when/if encountering them, and how they are basically beyond our magickal ken. I also talk about the powers that ICE can bestow, and specific practices that can assist in cultivating what can be understood about ICE in human psyche/soul development.

I also talk about the dangers of ICE—which is an important thing to consider—but which is often forgotten about in this, our age of instant gratification.

Finally, in the last video I speak briefly about the North American Indigenous articulation of the Wendigo, particularly from a Cree and then Mi’kmaq perspective (especially since Wendigo is a Cree word).

I was asked to provide this information from one of my first listeners to these recordings—not because I’m such an expert, but in order to draw attention to the fact that the “idea” of the Wendigo has become something of a popular meme in our “monster/cryptid/paranormal” culture, obscuring the often subtle and sophisticated understandings of the mind which pertain in the original stories of the “infection” that Wendigo is often warning humans against.

The fact that Wendigo is also often, if not usually, associated with ICE, cold, the hunger in winter, was not lost on me, and so it seemed to be a good way to end this offering—particularly since it provided a means by which to differentiate “Wendigo” from frost giants and Stallu (something which is often not done in video games).

These videos were recorded throughout the winter months here in the Hudson Valley, in between various bouts of illness, depression, personal stress and calamity that have visited my household in the past few months. Each recording was attended with some distress.

To the extent that the disciplines of ICE have assisted me in persevering—I can say without reservation that I’ve lived all my practices this year. My astrologer insists it was simply my Saturn transits—whatever it might have been, without the patience of ICE as my guide, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through the last three months.

But we are here now—and days are getting longer, my own personal log jams seem to be breaking up. I know that the information in these recordings may surprise some, anger or confuse others, or be completely uninteresting to yet a third group.

In any event, this is knowledge which has been bequeathed to me, and I share it here. If you must quibble, remember that I am a messenger, not a final authority. I encourage you to look up the sources I provide such as they are, and acquit yourselves in the practices that I have done before you make up your final mind. Perhaps we will meet somewhere along the long icy road that leads to the stars and will both see things differently at that time.

Included are links to two of the artists I mention in the videos. Mari Boine is one of the most important Sami singers and musical interpreters of the last century. All of her material is worth checking out.

Jonna Jinton Songs of the Ice and Singing Ice

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