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Contact with Colliding Worlds: Part 4ish Trinity Coda

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Vlog link here

After my recent interview with Barbara Fisher for her 6 Degrees of John Keel podcast, I took her advice to go ahead and read the expanded edition of Vallee and Harris’ book Trinity: The Best Kept Secret. The link to that interview is here

The book does have some fascinating extra information in it, which this short presentation will make clear, making it worth getting first, before you invest in the first edition.

The main additions are in the latter part of the book: i.e. in a extra chapter 18 which details the team’s finding of a fifth witness, an older youth named Faustino Myers, who is Sabrina’s cousin and was raised by Jose’s father. He was a young man by the time Sabrina stayed on the ranch, but he had clear memories of the “angel-hair” materials that had been so prominently mentioned by the other witnesses.

Faustino had not known of this investigation prior to being contacted by the team and had never really spoken of the materials prior to this study. As with Sabrina, he was located after strenuous background checking and rechecking by Harris. His description of the materials tallied closely with that of Jose and Sabrina with some additional information about the color of glowing light that seemed to emanate from the material (from the ultraviolet) and its physical composition (was in bunches, not strings).

Another fascinating aside recounted in the book is clear evidence of an attempt at witness tampering by an unknown agent who phoned Sabrina prior to one of her scheduled interview sessions with Harris. This unknown person claimed to be a member of the Vallee-Harris team and told Sabrina that, for personal reasons, Harris was going to be unable to meet with her for their scheduled interview, which was a lie. Harris found out about this call when she phoned in order to confirm their meeting.

Obviously, no one knows who placed the call, and as Vallee puts it, any number of intelligence services, or frankly cranks and hackers can do this sort of thing, so he advised Harris and the team to ignore it, which they did, and there were no more reported instances—at least as of the publishing of the book.

Vallee uses some observations of Canadian UFO investigator Wilbert Smith (later in the book an editor misses a misspelling of Smith's name and calls him Wilbur) to craft an even more expansive conclusion to this edition of Trinity.

While the Falcon Lake case that I mentioned in my review of Trinity (Part 2) still doesn’t appear in Vallee’s round up (Smith’s comments reflect physical materials that the Canadian government had collected prior to the Falcon Lake incident), Vallee is able to use Smith’s comments during a press conference in 1958 to demonstrate that whatever secrets “might be known” about these kinds of events are either held at levels so beyond Top Secret that they are not even known in regular government circles, or are so compartmentalized within existing agencies that it may be impossible to ever access them.

In other words, the vaunted goal of “Disclosure” may itself be part of the game alphabet agencies play with themselves, and with us.

As a final note to this ongoing chapter, I’ll briefly mention that I recently received an email from a colleague with a link to an online series called The Superhumanities. Week 1 of that series featured a roundtable with Whitley Strieber, Diana Walsh Pasulka, Jeffrey Kripal and John Phillip Santos. A little over 40 minutes into the event, Santos basically expresses the same event synchronicities over time and space with regard to the Trinity explosion (let’s follow Vallee and not call it a test) as I do in my Part 1 of this series.

It's nice to know that the old brain inside my head is still making the important connections. Fame is not necessary for one to be basically correct, or at least thoughtful (this is my anti-academic poke at the institutions).

This blog is not going to reproduce all the notable quotations that I’ll record in my vlog, simply because it’s tiresome to do so. Listen to the recording linked above. Vallee’s closing comments are all that are needed here:

“Although pointedly ignored by academic scientists, these incidents are rich with images that have been subliminally injected into our collective psyche and actually amplified by the studious neglect of our leading intellectuals. They still work today inside of us, and they continue to impact human consciousness, through the worldwide media, hinting at cosmic truths.

We ignore them at our peril.

Because of the pressing enigma those undeniable cases present, the story of the Trinity UFO crash remains as a document in human history that we must keep reading, without ever the luxury of firmly turning the page, and closing the book.” (Trinity: 313 2nd ed).

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